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  • Inspex


    Cybersecurity professional service, specialized in blockchain and smart contract auditing https://twitter.com/InspexCo

  • Hagen Hübel

    Hagen Hübel

    Ethereum advocate * Full Stack Developer * CTO @ https://token-forge.io & CTO & Co-Founder @ Zizzle.io

  • Günter Ederegger

    Günter Ederegger

    Austrian 🇦🇹 | Top Writer In VR-Metaverse | Fan of NFT’s & Crypto | Support me & yourself for the future: https://ederegger360.medium.com/membership

  • comma ai

    comma ai

    Make driving chill.

  • Katie


    blockchain enthusiast | crypto investor | software developer | #HODL

  • Eloh Sun

    Eloh Sun

  • Vitaliy Golubenko

    Vitaliy Golubenko

  • Stuart Robinson

    Stuart Robinson

    Software engineer/architect all things webs, backends, frontends, devops and more

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